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Improved knowledge retention through reinforced micro-learning.

An adaptive learning engine. A sleek mobile micro-learning experience. Game-changing data insights. There’s a reason why ECHO is the gold award winner for learning technology.

To effectively overcome the forgetting curve, ECHO is based on seven design principles, each backed by an extensive body of empirical research and scientific studies. Collectively, these principles represent the underlying philosophy that has shaped the evolution of ECHO. ECHO leverages mobile, cloud, and AI technologies to effectively tackle the memory loss that occurs after a training program. Whether for sustainment, microlearning, performance support, pre-training, or all of the above, it will change the way your organisation thinks of learning. 

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Managers gain actionable insights into learners’ engagement levels, activity patterns and retention rates.

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Individualised Learning Journeys

Personalised learning paths based on each learner’s prior knowledge and gaps. Pivot, build and sustain a Future Proof L&D organisation that delivers learning directly to the consumer, wherever and whenever it happens.

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Re-inforced Learning

Extensive empirical research conducted by leading cognitive psychologists in the field of learning memory and retention.

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The interface elements can all be customised in alignment with your corporate identity, making it an essential part of your brand toolkit.

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