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We have strategically partnered with esteemed global organisations to work together to make an impact and deliver stellar learning experiences and products.

Solution Partners

For nearly 3 decades Emircom has been the ICT Partner of choice for many of the most challenging projects in UAE And KSA. Backed by a team of highly qualified professionals, a powerful vision, and a strong management, Emircom is poised to take its rightful place as trendsetters in pursuit of excellence. They service a wide Customer base such as service providers, governments, educational Institutes, finance houses and health care organizations.



iSAW is a place where women connect, grow, inspire and are empowered through compelling experiences based in the realities of the society, strategic networks, mentoring, ongoing personal development, local, regional and international learning opportunities, a sisterhood of support, a hub for innovation ideas and engaged iSAW amazing men champions.

The Mind Lab provides innovative postgraduate programmes that build relevant skills and capabilities to match the requirements of a constantly changing world. Their range of educational programmes redefine learning and professional development and aim to enhance human potential and create impactful futures.  

Product Partners

A household name in the E-learning Industry! Trusted by 60,000+ organizations worldwide, Articulate software, services, community, and content make it easy to create compelling courses for every device.


LMS365 is the only cloud-based platform built into Microsoft 365 to enable businesses to manage learning and training. LMS365, a Microsoft Preferred Solution, is one of the fastest-growing cloud-based Learning Management Solutions in the market today. LMS365 provides a modern, integrated, and familiar learning experience as learning is now made possible within Microsoft Teams, Mobile and SharePoint Online. LMS365 is fast to install, highly configurable, easy to use and fully integrated with the rest of your digital workplace.


At Surge9 we believe in technology done right. We are committed to native software architecture and writing beautiful code, without using any third-party, cross-platform tools or software frameworks to build our products. Our gamified microlearning and training reinforcement solutions have rapid development cycles; extensive cloud development; and artificial intelligence and machine learning, which give you superior analytics and can anticipate the important moments in the daily patterns of your life

ConnectYard leverages popular social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, and pervasive mobile technologies, like text messaging, to better connect students, build a feeling of community and provide enhanced academic support – all of which positively affect a student’s persistence through graduation. Our social learning service improves the educational experience by extending the learning environment to where students live and socialize – online.


Cegos is an award-winning content provider with a vast range of e-learning options. Our library of 191 modules is designed by a team of expert trainers and technical whizz-kids to provide a highly interactive and stimulating experience – encapsulating the knowledge we’ve gained from delivering training around the world for nearly 90 years.


Vyond allows people of all skill levels in all industries and job roles to create dynamic and powerful media. With features that go beyond moving text and images, you can build character-driven stories or compelling data visualizations that engage audiences and deliver results.


Network Partners