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RE1 and RE5 Preparatory Workshops

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Prepare your people for the Regulatory Exams through our virtual sessions.

TTRO has been providing facilitated Preparatory Program workshops to our customers for several years and we are not stopping now!

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to keep learners and facilitators safe while still ensuring that learners can sufficiently prepare for their examinations, TTRO is offering to run these workshops as virtual sessions.

In addition to the safety of attendees, the structure of these virtual sessions will offer learners:

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Shorter Sessions

Attend shorter sessions that take less productive time out of the working day.

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Spaced Learning

Gives learners time between sessions to complete tasks and gain a better understanding of the new information.

Eye searching

Allow learners to ask questions around content they may not have grasped in the previous session.

What is Included?

Books and computer learning

How are the Sessions Set Up?

The proposed set-up process to be followed is provided below. There are two options for running the virtual sessions, to be discussed and agreed prior to the first session.

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Customer Applies

Customer application system updated to offer virtual option

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Workshop Scheduled

Workshop scheduled when sufficient delegates have applied

Workbooks couriered to address provided

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video learning

Workshop Sessions

Option 1: run through TTRO Learning and Big Blue Button

Option 2: run through MS Teams

Assessments and  e-learning accessed and tracked on platform

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Customer application system updated to offer virtual option

Our Facilitators

We have a national team of experienced facilitators within the financial services and call centre industries that have all been through an accreditation process in preparation for facilitating these sessions:

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TTRO RE5 EXAM PREP is strictly based on the qualifying criteria prescribed by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) and the material is co-developed by a FAIS legal expert using Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices in line with Fit and Proper competency requirements.

Let us help prepare you to pass your Regulatory Exams!