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Jeanine Briggs

Director of Education

Jeanine Briggs is the Director of Education for TTRO. She is passionate about solving the challenges humanity faces using technology as an enabler. Jeanine has used this passion and knowledge to actively support government in deploying a digital education solution to support the National Development Plan 2030 through various projects. These projects required seeking alignment between public sector plans with private sector objectives. This has been successfully achieved and strong public private partnerships now exist that have made significant impact for education.

Through this work in these sectors, Jeanine gained a thorough understanding of the market dynamics and skills requirements within the schools sector, TVET, post schools education, training and private sector. Jeanine’s personal driver through this entire period has been to make impact on individuals lives and to assist in giving them the equal opportunity to become a skilled employable citizen. She now combines her digital education knowledge and her understanding of private sector job requirements to support specific demand-led digital skills development programs.

She works consistently to serve humanity, specifically through human capability development by designing human-centric solutions that transform citizens and communities. Jeanine is also the current chairperson of ADESSA, representing educational suppliers in their dealings with government departments, educational institutions and other interested parties.