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Kate Atkinson

Head of Marketing

Kate has been involved within the digital learning sector for over 16 years and has been privileged to be part of the Industry’s growth and innovation over the decades. With this experience, she drives innovation through new software, delivery methods and technologies, with a core focus on human-centric solutions to ensure a meaningful learning experience.

Her strong sense of Design Thinking and a focus on a Human-Centric approach contributes to her understanding of people and their needs, which makes her an integral part of the strategic team. Kate’s has a unique understanding of design, and through various design principles, has been able to transform the mundane into the magical, ensuring an engaging and impactful learning experience, resulting in an upskilled citizen.

At TTRO, Kate developed her expertise and knowledge in consumer education and learner adoption, by combining her digital learning and marketing experience, through various digital adoption and learner campaigns to support their clients various program rollouts. As part of her responsibilities, Kate heads up all brand development, media creation and communications campaigns for TTRO. She is the brand Ambassador for TTRO and she has helped establish a global presence to allow TTRO to be a recognised as a fresh-faced Industry contender.