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Tracey Benettolo

Head of Strategy & Innovation

Tracey is the head of strategy and innovation for TTRO Group. As an executive and global thought leader spearheading digital transformation and technologies through the human capability prism, she is responsible for driving TTRO’s strategy and leveraging the digital enablement of human-centred experiences to better serve the goals of our clients.

In her career she has worked globally in strategic client-focused roles devoted to sustainable business growth, the future world of work and digital enablement through leveraging the performance and productivity of individuals, teams and organisations. Before becoming a consulting professional, she also occupied leadership positions in learning and management development that have increased revenues, boosted operational performance, maximised profitability, and improved efficiency.

Tracey is passionate about making an impact in the world where humankind can reimagine their lives, their communities and the world that they live in, in order to create a brighter and sustainable future for all.