We locked a few guys in a cupboard and it’s proven beneficial…for us. They play on their computers all day with very strange software and then deliver the most creative stuff you could imagine. They struggle to relate to anything that has more than three fingers on one hand anyway, so we assume they like the darkness. Just the other day we heard screaming, but it turns out they had created an awesome e-learning video using 2D and 3D characters that were planning an escape from the virtual world inside a computer. Not sure where these guys get their inspiration but they had drills and everything.

Look, we don’t really lock them in a cupboard. They go there all on their own and the padlock is just for their safety, honest, but they do produce clips that belong in a Pixar movie.

Once we have analysed the target audience, we decide on the technical specs. This starts at 2D or 3D, both for the characters, and the universe we will create for them. Then we look at different styles and guide lines and figure out if we want pop animation or motion graphics. We look at character animation and create environments for them to live in. Everyone needs a home! We then record the character voices, find and create sound effects, add music and hey, presto…carbonara!

We are now developing interactive learning using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Imagine being able to interact with virtual elements, but in the real world! That’s The Matrix stuff right there, Neo.

These guys use so many different software programs, it would be silly to list them. In truth, we don’t know all of the ones they use – that cupboard is dark!

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