Creating a Unique Learning Environment for Employees and the Community: Chalhoub Case Study 

Chalhoub are a luxury retailer, supporting the distribution of many world-famous brands across the Middle East. With 12,000 employees, operating across 14 countries, supporting over 40 designer boutiques as well as household brands such as  Louis Vuitton, Dior Couture, Sephora, Fendi, Puig, Celine, Givenchy, Louboutin, and Havas. Chalhoub Group manages the brand following structured international guidelines. In addition, the group’s retail franchises include Saks Fifth Avenue, Loewe, Carolina Herrera, Swarovski, Lacoste, L’Oreal and Michael Kors.
Each brand has their own complexities and specific needs regarding training requirements and the mandate to reflect and integrate with the core umbrella Chalhoub corporate identity. In addition, Chalhoub are currently implementing a large-scale Digital Transformation project.


The Situation:
Chalhoub have a corporate academy, which has been delivering training to employees as a dedicated resource since 2007. Tracking of employee performance and related training activities is predominantly done using the embedded company-wide systems such as SAP. In addition, the academy has taken on some products unique to Learning & Development such as microlearning.
Chalhoub’s ambition is a two-phased approach;
Phase 1: To create an engaging and intuitive online portal to support the full ecosystem of learning, for Students, Teachers and Administrators. Link this learning to existing management tools to ensure consistency of reporting with maximum efficiencies and automation
Phase 2: To look more broadly at the opportunities within the University to enhance the offering and be recognised with the industry as a Leading Provider of Learning.


The Solution:
TTRO have been engaged, to evaluate the current systems used in Chalhoub, and how they can be re-calibrated and integrated to meet the demands of the Chalhoub Academy, with respect to the ambition that the academy has.  From these sessions, TTRO mapped out a Functional Design Specification, and proposed a ‘Future Proof’ solution, based on the specific requirements from the Academy.
In the next phase, the TTRO Development team was requested to build an open source product, with integrations and embedded analytics tools. TTRO suggested a flexible, Moodle™ platform that could be uniquely customised to address all the necessary requirements of the business. The TTRO team was also tasked to support branding, web interface for public consumption, copy writing, and ‘use of language’ sessions to ensure consistency with the corporate Chalhoub messaging and branding, as well as designing a unique identity for the University.
TTRO partnered with AWS in order to host the solution. Leveraging the Cloud compute layer as well as other AWS component ensured that they were able to deliver a secure, reliable and scalable solution.
TTRO continued to be engaged from a consultancy aspect, meeting weekly with key members of the Chalhoub team, and playing an active role on the steering committee to ensure that the fast paced and ever changing environment within Chalhoub. TTRO evaluated possible red flags to ensure the project was not at risk, and that the TTRO development offering, continued to evolve and meet the end user needs. is now a live site for use of the Chalhoub Group employees.
TTRO will continue to be retained on an annual basis, as we make recommendations for future technology and content producer integrations, to ensure that the offering for Chalhoub to their employees remains world-class leading. In addition, we are also retained to provide guidance on the continuous enhancement and development of new capabilities of the university.


The Impact:
Chalhoub University launched in 2020, offering Chalhoub employees a new, digitally enabled, learning ecosystem to support both their professional and personal development. More than just a Learning Management System, the customised Moodle™ platform incorporates best practices associated with all aspects of learning and training, and augments traditional learning environments to redefine learning across the organisation.
With Course catalogues seamlessly integrated to provide LXP as well as LMS functionality, Chalhoub University provides a single source of learning materials, for all employees – in an aggregated and regulated environment, ensuring quality content can be accessed, managed and delivered. The activity is crucially reported on in real time, and integrated into the existing systems in use across the group.


The Conclusion:
Chalhoub are recognised thought leaders across the region for their approach towards employee engagement & happiness. At the core of this approach, is the Chalhoub University, which offers opportunity for personal and professional development, and opens opportunities for growth within the group.
Chalhoub will continue to drive this initiative with direct focus from the executive team including, Patrick Chalhoub himself.  The platform is designed to provide a more memorable and immersive learning experience, providing flexibility, adaptability and a variety of learning styles. Employees can build a learning journey through exploration of experiential workshops, coaching, mentoring, mobile learning, blending online courses, micro learning digital learning, and digital resources.
What Chalhoub Think:
Marcello Fernandes, Digital Learning Head at the Chalhoub Group commented:
“TTRO have become an invaluable Technology and Learning Partner to Chalhoub, partnering with the team to support us build a vision for a hosted platform, and then build, support and maintain the environment. With clear and transparent systems and process, we always feel confident that we are getting the best solution for our business, and all stakeholders can come together to ensure continuity and success.
We are looking forward to working with the TTRO team, to further enhance the features of the platform, the capability of the team, and identify ways to grow the impact of the platform.”


Zaur Shiraliyez, Group Learning Head at the Chalhoub Group commented:
“Deployment of Chalhoub University was a vital step in our quest to build Learner Led Learning Culture. The journey had started few years back by introduction and embedding Learner Mindsets Framework across the organization, coupled with building strong content. Introduction of Subscription model then, allowed us to democratize the learning creating a necessity to develop a robust experience platform as one stop gateway to learning.
Chalhoub University, as a Learning Experience platform puts the learner at the heart of everything we do, and helps us to deliver relevant, timely and focused learnings both on line and offline to achieve one major goal, keeping employees relevant to the growth strategy of the organization. We are delighted to have been recognized by our community, and have received the Chalhoub Excellence Award for Driving Innovation. We thank TTRO, for their partnership, support and commitment.”


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Author: John Dickenson


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