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What is UAT and how to use it in e-learning [Acronym Aunt]

Welcome to Acronym Aunt, where we attempt to decipher the agonising acronyms in the digital learning industry. Acronyms buzz around our industry the way bees might buzz around a hive,…

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What is an LMS? [Acronym Aunt]

If you are new to the e-learning industry, you probably feel like people use esoteric acronyms and weird names for software and processes like one would throw around confetti with…

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Visuals vs Content: 3 guidelines for impactful visuals in e‑learning

If you don’t believe that the visuals are as important as content, I want you to try a little experiment. Wear your pyjamas to the office tomorrow, or if your…

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5 reasons why e‑learning avatars are great for all audiences

E‑learning avatars are one of the most useful tools in the tool belt of any e‑learning developer. If you don’t know what they are, let’s start off first by saying…

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When to use illustration and photography in e‑learning

One of the advantages of e‑learning is its ability to incorporate images into the learning experience. These images generally fall into two categories: photography or illustration. Both photography and illustration…

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5 reasons why e‑learning will transform the mining industry

The global mining industry has reached a tipping point in an upward trend in its adopting of e‑learning as a tool for training. Within the next few years, e‑learning will…

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