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Revolutionising Business while Sustaining Peak Performance: A Guide for Leaders

Leadership transcends mere guidance and decision-making; it embodies the art of driving transformation while anchoring the business in stability, crucial for revolutionising business practices. In the quest to revolutionise business…

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Navigating Executive Impostor Syndrome: Strategies for Success

In executive leadership, where decision-making carries significant weight and responsibility, an inconspicuous adversary often lurks in the shadows: Executive Impostor Syndrome. Despite achieving remarkable professional milestones, many executives grapple with…

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Nurturing Strength: The Imperative of Cultivating Executive Resilience

In the relentless rhythm of the modern corporate world, where change is the only constant, executives find themselves navigating a labyrinth of challenges that demand more than just strategic acumen.…

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How do We Move Towards Transformation of Education?

TTRO CEO Kirsty Chadwick discusses the complexity involved in transforming education and the perceived risks to stakeholders.   There isn’t any disagreement that education needs transformation; it needs a significant…

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Future-proofing your Learning and Development Strategy

TTRO CEO Kirsty Chadwick shares her thoughts on the the future of work and what businesses need to consider about the future of the L&D role.   COVID-19 has undoubtedly…

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Democratising Education and the Relevance of the Lifelong Continuum of Learning

We sat down with TTRO CEO Kirsty Chadwick as she shared her thoughts on the democratisation of education and the relevance of the lifelong continuum of learning. There has long…

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