5 Reasons to Invest in Professional Voice Over

It can be tempting to record your voice over with a low budget, especially with how simple it is to record with your smartphone. But this is insufficient for your most important audio content. If you have access to the budget, a professional voice over is a wise investment. To record high-quality professional voice over, you still need excellent diction, a flexible voice style, proper microphone technique, and other techniques that can’t be learnt overnight.
Service providers for professional voice overs have mastered these practices. As a result, they can record clearer, more engaging voice overs that align more with what audiences appreciate than what you or an amateur team member could produce.
Here are five reasons why hiring a professional voice over artist is a better investment than doing it yourself.
1. They know the nuances of audio recording
Voice over artists and websites offering professional voice overs know the nuances of recording audio, which allows them to record high-quality audio. Professional voice over artists know nuances such as proper mic placement and how to prevent echoes and distortions. Individuals offering professional voice overs have built a perfect recording space and have trained their voices through trial and error. As a result, when you hire them, you get immediate access to their studios and skills instead of spending years building and understanding your own. The results are clear.
2. They can convey tone, style, and emotion
Voice artists rehearse thousands of lines each year in different tones and styles. So to record a voice over that matches the qualities and emotions of different client’s stories, voice artists learnt to adapt their voice without compromising clear diction, unlike amateur voice over artists. When an amateur voice over artist records a voice over, it’s common for them to sound unnatural. Professional voice over artists modify the tone, volume, personality, and intensity of their voice based on the purpose of the voiceover and the script. While they may sound excited during a voiceover for a sports commercial, they’ll reduce their energy while recording the voice for an emotional or sad situation. An amateur voice over artist can hit record, but they may not be able to communicate the emotions and voice qualities your team defined as effectively as a professional, which may affect your story’s message. On the other hand, professionals execute your script flawlessly, representing your brand how you want.
3. They can help you understand your audience better
Some experts offer professional voice over services to a few niches. They know these industries’ listeners’ emotions and performance expectations, which allows them to choose the style, tones, words, and pauses necessary to entertain them. For instance, voice actors specialised in your niche will record a high-quality voice over based on your script’s notes. You’ll oversee telling them which words to emphasise and describing the voice style. The issue, however, is you likely don’t have experience recording audio for your audience, so your script’s notes are educated guesses and not data-backed suggestions. In contrast, voice actors specialised in your niche understand your audience’s reaction to different voice styles, allowing them to choose the best one depending on your scene’s purpose. They can recommend rewriting an entire scene to make it more appealing, too, backing their suggestion with data and hands-on experience.
4. They come in different price ranges
Professional voice over costs can vary depending on a variety of factors. Voice artists set prices based on their turnaround time, focus industry, experience, and the length of your script. Because of the diversity of actors and projects, there’s voice talent within your budget. For example, companies seeking next-day deliveries will likely invest more than those placing projects within a month of their deadline. Besides reducing costs, the latter also has more time to submit feedback to the artist, increasing the likelihood of receiving a recording every team member loves. Because of several price ranges for professional voice over services, it’s simple to find an artist who suits your budget.
5. They can edit and add music to your voice over’s audio
Voice artists know not every client has an audio production team ready to synchronise their voice over to their video or animation or add music and sound effects. Many professional voice over artists can assist these clients through additional services. There are voice over specialist who have mastered editing software to include and edit any audio tracks the client wants for their project –with the characteristics they want. You don’t always need a voice artist who offers audio or video editing, but if none of your team’s members can work with many audio tracks or video clips at once, hire an expert who can. Otherwise, you risk ruining a high-quality voice over.


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