TTRO & DXB Win Gold at the Learning Technologies Awards!

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The Learning Technologies Awards are the most independent and sought-after awards in the industry. They recognise the commitment, enthusiasm and passion for learning technologies across the world.  Finalists were selected by an independent panel of 60 judges organised by the Learning Network, from over 450 entries received. 

Alongside our innovative partners Deborah Chatten (Director of  Training & Development) and Vlasios Vlastos (Head of Learning) at Dubai Airports (DXB) we submitted our Customer Excellence Program into the “Best use of Mobile Learning” category where we took home the prestigious gold ward.

With a lens on driving customer satisfaction across the multitude of touchpoints across the airport, DXB required an impactful and holistic innovative approach to training their employees and various service partners across the location, to ensure a high standard of customer experience excellence and to embed important compliance protocols.

In order for DXB to overcome the issue of knowledge retention and to reinforce comprehensive training for employees, they required a scalable solution that could support and address the needs of the DXB frontline service and hospitality teams enabling and aligning them to deliver a standout service experience to all customers and all touchpoints throughout the airport.

One of the barriers that TTRO needed to help DXB overcome was the fact that the airport operates 24/7 and has a large contingent of shift workers (constituted by internal DXB employees and service partners) across the various customer touchpoint areas. These workers all required to undergo training that was easily accessible and easy/short to digest. In order to meet these requirements to deliver important content to employees who are on the go, a mobile-first solution was imperative.

An A.I. enabled platform leveraging this powerful learning methodology was selected to address the challenge DXB faced. To implement this methodology, TTRO introduced an intelligent, scalable, and configurable mobile platform that would be accessible at any time and across any device to create an effective learning tool in the flow of work delivered straight to the fingertips of the frontline workers. This intervention is targeted at frontline service delivery employees and is focused on the competencies needed to deliver Service Excellence.

Kirsty Chadwick, CEO of TTRO, commented: “Working on this project with Dubai Airports (DXB) has been a journey of learning for everyone working on the project from TTRO. To have had the opportunity to bolster a workforce in an industry that has faced precarious times over the last two years, is one that brings us great inspiration and hope that we have played a small part in empowering and upskilling people to be successful in their customer service facing roles within the airport ecosystem.”

Debbie Chatten said: “It’s a testament to all our hard work to be honoured with the prestigious gold award in the Best use of Mobile Learning category. In partnership with TTRO, we put in maximum effort to deliver a mobile-first solution to DXB employees to ensure our learners were best served.”

Vlasios Vlastos added: “We are very proud of this accomplishment. The results of this partnership are the epitome of the hard work that has gone behind the scenes and a true testament of the synergistic relationship in our journey to elevate our guest experience..”

Note from the Judges:
“A very comprehensive mobile project that did an excellent job in dealing with both the technical and environmental aspects to be considered. The solution delivered a personalised mobile learning experience using both AI technology and functionality for relevant, manual intervention. Clearly articulating the business need for a mobile solution, the submission was also outstanding in rationalising why decisions were made in relation to both technology and learning design. An impressive example of a mobile learning project.”

A big thanks to the Learning Technologies Award team for an amazing evening, with an amazing outcome!


TTRO works with clients to create transformative learning experiences through its advisory capability; learning content and learning technology delivery; and implementation through managed learning services. TTRO’s customer focus is on corporations, academia, and government where it offers a range of solutions throughout the lifelong learning journey.


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