TTRO x PrivySeal: Ensuring Trust with Innovative Credential Solutions

TTRO, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with PrivySeal, a UK-based company dedicated to fighting qualification fraud and providing visible digital confidence through real-time digital credentials.

The collaboration between TTRO and PrivySeal aims to expand its cutting-edge solution for secure real-time certificates and seals to professional bodies, businesses, government entities, licensing/regulatory bodies, and academic institutions. These certificates and seals will be automatically issued, updated, revoked, or re-issued, providing instant verification of the authenticity of a member, licensee, graduate, or any qualified individual.

PrivySeal’s real-time digital credentials serve as a powerful tool in building digital trust instantly. The company’s dynamic source data ensures that qualifications, memberships, licenses, and other claims are not only genuine but also current. This partnership will empower TTRO’s stakeholders by making compliance and qualifications visible, driving registrations, and increasing revenue while simultaneously reducing costs and fraud.

PrivySeal Limited boasts a global presence, working with diverse blue-chip clients across the public and private sectors. The company’s services are utilized by esteemed organizations such as the British Accreditation Council, South African Qualifications Authority and Zambia Qualifications Authority.

Stephen Logan, CEO of PrivySeal, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “PrivySeal works with a wide range of clients, and we are thrilled to be working with TTRO to make genuine skills highly visible. Together with TTRO, we will continue to protect and identify genuine and current skills, enhancing trust, recognition, and compliance.”

Kirsty Chadwick, CEO and Founder of TTRO, shared her thoughts on the partnership, saying, “ I am thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with PrivySeal. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine credential verification. Together with PrivySeal, we are poised to empower our valued clients and partners with a seamless and secure method for validating credentials, reinforcing our dedication to fostering trust, recognition, and compliance within our industry.”

The strategic alliance between TTRO and PrivySeal aligns with both organizations’ commitment to trust, integrity, value, and service. By leveraging PrivySeal’s world-class real-time credentials, TTRO aims to set a new standard for credential verification within its sector.

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About PrivySeal:
PrivySeal makes genuine licenses, memberships, qualifications and other claims visible.  The company’s real-time credentials are created on the fly using dynamic source data. PrivySeal’s services are globally recognized and trusted by a wide range of clients, including accreditation bodies, regulatory authorities, and educational institutions. The company is a digital credentialing pioneer and recipient of an Innovate UK Award. For more information, visit

About TTRO:
Established in 2008, TTRO pioneers transformative learning experiences and skills-based practices to foster human capability and accelerate human potential. With a mission to sculpt a dynamic future for governments, academic institutions, businesses, and industries, TTRO offers a comprehensive suite of solutions spanning Learning Advisory Services, Learning Content Development, Learning Technologies, and Learning as a Service for its global clientele. The company has garnered multiple Brandon Hall awards for its innovative and impactful learning solutions.

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