4 ways training with Axonify will boost your bottom line

4 ways training with Axonify will boost your bottom line

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The first priority of a business is to generate revenue. Seems obvious? It is. Yet often it’s all but forgotten in the day to day operations. Departments are siloed, focusing on objectives that pertain to their daily operations, and they have to be; imagine if the only objective of the Learning and Development department (L&D) was to improve revenue – the ‘on-the-ground’ operations of the department would suffer from a lack of direction.

Don’t get me wrong, the main objective of any department is to help generate revenue albeit, apart for sales and marketing, in an indirect way. “Generate revenue” is an intangible objective to most employees and it, therefore, needs to be broken down into smaller, more digestible objectives. Bigger goals tend to feel disconnected from certain departmental purposes and can kill motivation. This process, however, can cause departments to lose sight of the bigger picture, and create difficulty when pitching new developments to the c-suite.

Here are 4 ways in which Axonify can boost your business, and if you’re not senior management, how to get their buy-in.

Employee Engagement

If training is seen as ‘just another box to check’, it is not going to have the intended impact. Apart from the many reasons why engaging content is better for learning, participation is a no-brainer. If employees don’t enjoy the training, they won’t participate – unless they’re forced to. And if they’re forced to, they won’t retain much.

Moreover, it’s effective; games have been proven to increase participation, as well as to accelerate learning.

Axonify leverages gamification to deliver questions in fun and interesting ways. It also capitalises on our natural inclination to be competitive, as employees can see how they fair in relation to their colleagues. Moreover, it’s effective; games have been proven to increase participation, as well as to accelerate learning.

Management hook: more buy-in from employees results in more effective L&D budget utilisation, and informed employees are more equipped for productivity.

Personalised Learning

This is the age of the individual. Not only do people learn at different paces, they have different strengths and weaknesses. Traditional training doesn’t usually account for the individual, leaving employees frustrated and disengaged.

Axonify, however, does take individuality into account, providing a truly personalised training experience. Axonify will monitor the questions that learners are getting correct and records the ones they that aren’t. Based on individual records, Axonify adapts the content, increasing questions related to their knowledge gaps and decreases the content they already know.

Management hook: adaptive learning will create more informed employees, in less time, for less cost.

Productivity hours

One challenge that L&D managers have, is justifying the time that productive employees spend on training. Many finance orientated executives are uncomfortable with the loss of productivity and are unsure if the uplift in training will actually offset the cost. They have a point because with traditional learning it’s hard to say if it will.

With more evolved methodologies, like Axonify, personalised training is received every day in the form of 2-3 targeted questions. These bite-sized chunks of knowledge can be received on a multitude of devices, ensuring that employees always have access. In addition, the DiscoveryZone gives them on-demand access to critical information when they need it – on the job. It mimics search engines with its proactive search mechanism.

Training can be spread out over time – down to as little as one minute a day – with employees never having to leave their station. And they have access to information whenever they need it.
Management hook: less time training, less training overheads and fewer mistakes, all mean more on the bottom line.

Less Administration, Better Reports

If there ever was a true example of a necessary evil, the administration would be it. But all too often businesses forget that it’s the insights, that they receive from reporting, rather than the admin itself, that provide value. If there is no value, there is no point.

So, what if you can get all those insights – better insights – with less admin?

Once again, Axonify steps up. It’s one of the only solutions that lets you tie training to specific behavioural outcomes. Not only that, but it allows you to correlate participation level and question success by a person, location, and job title to name a few.

Managerial hook: solve business problems with training. And prove it. ROI is no longer qualitative, with Axonify it’s quantitative.

The bottom line

The bottom line? It’s simple. Axonify is a next-generation knowledge platform, that ushers in the evolution of employee training, and learning in general. Gone are the days of stumbling to find justifications for training. With Axonify, you can simply show them. It’s a tool to improve businesses, not merely train them.


Author: Kyle Hauptfleisch

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