TTRO x Simply: A Dynamic Duo Redefining Skills Strategies for the Modern Workplace

TTRO, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Simply, an innovative People Analytics Software business, to collaboratively tackle the growing skills crisis faced by organizations globally. The partnership aims to leverage TTRO’s expertise in developing transformative learning solutions and Simply’s groundbreaking SaaS product to identify and close skills gaps efficiently.

Founded in 2016 by people analytics and workforce planning experts Simon Haines (CEO) and John Guy (COO), Simply is dedicated to providing insight and tools for HR and business leaders to rightskill their workforce and conquer skills gaps. With over two decades of experience, Simply’s team of pioneers and innovators in people analytics delivers a competitive advantage to major organizations across all industries.

Simply’s software platform utilizes data and machine learning to define skills strategies, create the necessary skills architecture, and rapidly rightskill workforces. The platform empowers users with rich data, easy-to-use insights, and pragmatic tools, ensuring control over the skills they need, the skills they possess, and how best to close any identified gaps.

The partnership between TTRO and Simply is a significant step towards making rightskilling a reality for major employers. By combining TTRO’s market-leading data insight with Simply’s transformative learning solutions, the collaboration enables companies to prioritize needed skills, recognize existing skills, and identify and address gaps effectively.

Kirsty Chadwick, Founder and CEO of TTRO, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, addressing the skills crisis is paramount for organizational success. TTRO is thrilled to join forces with Simply, a trailblazer in people analytics, to offer comprehensive solutions that empower businesses to navigate the challenges posed by skills gaps.”

Simon Haines, CEO of Simply, also commented on the partnership, saying, “The collaboration with TTRO aligns perfectly with our mission of providing actionable insights and tools for organizations to conquer skills gaps. Together, we aim to deliver a holistic approach that empowers leaders to make informed decisions and rightskill their workforce efficiently.”

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About The Training Room Online (TTRO):
Established in 2008, TTRO pioneers transformative learning experiences and skills-based practices to foster human capability and accelerate human potential. With a mission to sculpt a dynamic future for governments, academic institutions, businesses, and industries, TTRO offers a comprehensive suite of solutions spanning Learning Advisory Services, Learning Content Development, Learning Technologies, and Learning as a Service for its global clientele. The company has garnered multiple Brandon Hall awards for its innovative and impactful learning solutions.

About Simply:
At Simply we’re not just about upskilling; we’re revolutionizing it. Imagine a world where every skill development is directly linked to your business strategy, powered by the latest in data analytics and machine learning. We’re making that world a reality. Our platform is designed to close the skills gap by aligning workforce development with strategic goals, ensuring that your team is not just prepared for the future but is actively shaping it. Join the movement at and turn your company’s potential into performance.

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