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Communicate and engage with your entire learning community.

ConnectYard is a global social learning technology which leverages popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and pervasive mobile technologies such as WhatsApp and email, to better connect students, build a feeling of community and provide enhanced academic support – all of which positively impacts a student’s persistence throughout their learning journey.

ConnectYard’s social learning and analytics platform improves the educational experience by extending the learning environment to where students live and socialise – online, and thus a perfect integration into various learning platforms. ConnectYard is a completely private and secure engagement platform that ensures equal access by allowing for any time, anywhere communication and collaboration across a variety of social and mobile technologies, providing the learner with choice, and significantly increasing adoption of learning management systems.

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Key features

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ConnectYard’s multimodal messaging allows you to reach everyone using their current devices on their preferred messaging channels: text, social media, or email.

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Drive Engagement

ConnectYard’s integration with key learning systems will allow you to increase interaction with learning content improving measures of performance and attendance.

Measure Success

ConnectYard’s analytics capability will allow you to measure and track high performing classrooms, teachers, and students.

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Find out how ConnectYard can drive learner engagement!