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Digital corporate learning library for all your employees.

Pinktum University is one of the leading providers of e⁠-⁠learning and web-based training for effective and sustainable personnel development in companies.

The international award-winning e⁠-⁠library includes over 130 video-based, interactive e⁠-⁠learnings. With our e⁠-⁠learning courses, our customers can train their global teams uniformly: the same learning outcomes, in their own language, and tailored to their individual culture. With their understanding of teaching and learning through a linguistic and cultural context, they have set a new benchmark for quality in the industry. It makes them unique.

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Why Pinktum?

Quality at Heart

And the Oscar goes to … Our aim: perfection. In production and design. Our e⁠-⁠learning is a real learning experience.

Learning without barriers

Your employees can learn on any device, anywhere, any time. Same high quality. 100% video based. Fully accessible.

Ready to Roll

The world is complicated enough as it is. Our licensing models are simple, transparent and cost-efficient. Can be installed immediately!

From Learning to Real Life

No more dry, vague theory! Your employees receive up-to-date learning content during their daily work. Information from an e⁠-⁠learning course can be put into practice right away.

Didactics Meets Passion

This is where outstanding didactic concepts meet and merge with the latest scientific learning methods and a true passion for e⁠-⁠learning.

Here to Stay

Sustainable staff development only works with inspiration and enthusiasm. The personal learning experience moves your whole company forward.

Award Winning

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