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Creative and flexible digital learning solutions that have the power to transform.

We now consume and access information anytime, anywhere and on a variety of devices – why should learning content be any different? Our digital learning solutions are designed in collaboration with you, aligned with your business or industry challenges and with your people in mind, to deliver engaging and measurable learning experiences.

With the ever-shifting learning landscape, TTRO is always striving to push boundaries with innovative software, instructional design approaches and fresh design while we curate the best of class digital assets that form the learning experience journey. Let’s work together to recalibrate your existing traditional training into digital, or create innovative new programs that leave your learners hungry for more… basically let’s create some digital learning magic that fits your motivations, timelines and budget!

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Multi-device Accessibility

Our digital learning solutions work across different platforms and devices, expanding your content delivery options. Learners can access the relevant content when they need it most in the work-flow, or when it’s best suited for them to focus on learning.

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TTRO can seamlessly customise digital learning solutions for specific roles across all industries. These can also be localised efficiently for any region. The benefit of digital learning solutions is that they are easy to update when necessary or critical.

Metrics That Matter

Clearly defining the learning objectives up front is essential for developing effective training and valuable assessment methods for your learners, so you can track the success metrics or identify knowledge gaps and continuously improve on the learning solution.

How We Achieve Success

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Learning Methodologies & Digital Assets

Our Learning Experience Designers collaborate with you to get a full understanding of your organisation’s specific learning needs, and through a combination of instructional design, design thinking, story-telling and digital assets will design an impactful solution that will transform your learners.


Dedicated Resources

TTRO’s team of Learning Experience Designers, Digital Designers, Animators, Production, Developers, UX/UI and Project Management design and deliver top quality content and ensure a seamless delivery on your program.

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Learning Technologies

Our team uses the best of industry software to develop engaging digital learning assets including e-learning, micro-learning, animations, rich media articles, games, interactive videos, virtual reality and augmented reality.   Learn more »

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Knowledge Mentor

As part of our mission to ensure our customer’s success, we offer a knowledge transfer option where we upskill your team for the continuation of the project and where we a follow structured learning paths and include competencies/proficiency levels which are baselined and developed/tracked over time. 

Our Digital Learning Assets

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Reinforcement Learning
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Virtual Reality
adding the app on your cellphone
Augmented Reality
connecting together all your ideas
Immersive Technologies
reading information on your mobile tablet
Interactive PDFs
reading information online
Rich Media Articles
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reviewing your checklist
reading your book online on your computer
Facilitator Toolkits
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Comms Collateral
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Learner Campaign Collateral
using any digital device to learn
Interactive Videos
teacher teaching students
a women and a man
Role Plays
video road map of your ideas
On Location Shoots
clicking on information
Interactive Animations
laptop showing videos playing on it
2D Animations
laptop , ruler and pencil
Motion Graphics
building blocks
3D Animations

Let our team of experts collaborate with you to
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