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Digital Transformation Strategies

Sometimes it can be a bit daunting to take that first step into the digital realm… where does one even begin? The good news, is that we can help choreograph these digital transformation moves to the rhythm of your organisational vision, mission and strategies.



Organisations need to deliver impactful training to their workforce, and with the rising costs of traditional methods, digital learning has become a cost-effective manner to deliver training quickly across multiple locations. For organisations that are not familiar with e-learning, it can become an overwhelming exercise as to where to allocate budget, identify key performance areas, all whilst proving return on investment.

Similarly, other organisations may already have existing e-learning solutions but are looking for ways to “level-up” with new technologies and delivery mechanisms to keep their training momentum.


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TTRO sends in the experts to analyse your current training environment and methods and connects with your relevant stakeholders (this may involve a few rounds of boules or karaoke sessions) to identify your organisation’s current learning and development requirements, whilst considering your organisational culture, practices and infrastructure.

We then put our heads together and construct a solid plan or roadmap to give your business the direction and action plans it needs to take towards achieving your transformational goals, whether it be the leap from Instructor Lead Training (ILT) into blended solutions, or enhancing existing e-learning solutions with the integration of immersive technologies.

There is no challenge too big or too small for our intrepid digital transformation navigators. We are only interested in providing you with the best digital training solutions that will impact your business and empower your workforce!


Benefits of our service


TTRO helps identify and target Key Performance Areas within your business that will benefit from the shift to a digital L&D strategy.


TTRO works closely with your SME’s to design a fully constructed digital transformation roadmap, which delivers tangible results.


TTRO helps identify the best approach with regards to the rollout for your organisational audience, which you are able to measure and evaluate.


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