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Adding a bit of competition to the mix.


Gamification is not about a full-blown game, but is the practice of adding techniques, tactics and mechanics that are used in with games, to digital learning, adding element such as progression meters, badges, points and leader boards. The purpose of gamifying an eLearning programme is to encourage learners to engage in desired learning behaviour by taking advantage of the human psychological predisposition towards gaming.


When we consider applied games as the learning solution, the decision begins based on your organisational objectives (pedagogical and learning), the content that your department believes needs to be gamified, and understanding your target learners. Once these objectives are clear, game-based learning will dramatically boost engagement and retention, and can even be integrated with any rewards or incentives that your organisation offers. Game-based learning  involves the use of traditional board games, web-based or app games specifically aimed to produce learning outcomes. They are designed to balance subject matter and gameplay, and later assesses the ability of the learner to retain and apply the acquired knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Great learning solution for:

Risk and Compliance


Health and Safety

Policies and Procedures

Onboarding and Induction


Customer Service

Boosts Knowledge Retention

Gamified courses and games lead to high-performance learning and helps learners in committing knowledge to long-term memory.

Change Behaviours

Recognize employees instantly for behaviours, processes and activities that drive business and performance results.


Gamification allows us to learn new things, and see how they are becoming easier and easier as time goes by, developing confidence in your learner.

Our Game Solution Options

Traditional Games
Web-based Games
App Games

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Let our team help empower your learners and drive behavioural change through game-play!