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Elevating learning experiences to the next level.

Open up new experiential dimensions for your learners. These immersive new content delivery channels allows learners to explore in a safe environment, develop empathy, practice without fear of failing or access critical information in real-time.

TTRO ensures by identifying the right conditions and scenarios for optimal learning that the inclusion of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality does not become gimmicky and delivers a multi-sensory learning experience.

Great learning solution for:

Hazard environments

Machine Orientation

Product Orientation

Process Training

Onboarding and Induction

On-the-job Training

Real World Scenarios

Immerse learners into a simulated environment reflecting different real world scenarios from the safety of their training facilities.

Train with Confidence

Learners can be monitored and assessed until they have gained confidence and satisfactorily mastered the training.

Metrics That Matter

Training data can be turned into information which can aid companies in their operational productivity and overall effectiveness.

How We Achieve Success


Scripting & Design

Our Learning Experience Designers and developers collaborate with you and your Subject Matter Experts to understand the learning objectives and translate it into an immersive experience.


Dedicated Resources

TTRO’s team of Learning Experience Designers, Illustrators, Animators, Production, Developers, Audio engineers and Project management design and deliver top quality content and ensure a seamless delivery on your program.



Our team uses the best of industry Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality software and hardware to deliver on your immersive learning experience and can be integrated by xAPI into your existing platform.


Design and Technology

At TTRO we are always looking to innovate within your parameters and take pride in introducing new innovations into the learning experience mix.

New Dimension Learning Assets

Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Immersive Technologies

Let our team work with you to create immersive learning experiences for maximum impact!