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Learning 4.0

Disruption is driven by the progression of technology, and with this TTRO is kick-starting initiatives aimed at revolutionizing the conventional model of education in order to better prepare learners for the new technology-driven world of work.


TTRO is passionate about empowering people, and with our Learning 4.0 approach we want people to be ready for the future, for jobs that might not even exist yet. With the integration of immersive technologies into our digital training solutions we are changing the way learners access and consume information. No longer are learners bound by brick and mortar, but can have access to information on demand.



With Industry 4.0 approaching, organisations need their workforce to be ready for these changes in technology to remain relevant and profitable. There are many drivers influencing these changes; the immense globalisation of teams, artificial intelligence, robotics and new media.

Our current method of learning will no longer be effective. Considering the speed of innovation happening in the tech space and the ever changing nature of the industry, education has to maintain its pace to keep people informed, upskilled and employed. Learning has to be deconstructed and reconstructed in order to be the most flexible it has ever been, to provide relevant competencies, capacity and skills not only for now but for the future.


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TTRO is looking at the lifelong learning approach to education, from early childhood development through to the workplace to provide citizens with their own personal skills currency so that they have access to the competencies they need to curate their career path. Through the combination of targeted, adaptive, and practical training programmes we help develop skilled citizens of the future.

By understanding your strategy and the required performance to achieve your goals, we provide targeted next generation learning interventions to change behaviour in a digitally enabled environment.


Benefits of our service

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TTRO works with you to help develop your Human Capital for an empowered workforce.

L4.0 2

Uses less production time to train employees through scalable digital training solutions.

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Mobilize global teams and build capacity quickly and efficiently.


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