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Create video easily
easily for training.

Vyond lets you create videos easily with its library of templates, sounds, props, and so much more.

This easy-to-use software is great for creating animated content for the training of your distributed workforce or achieving higher conversion rates for your marketing team – while being flexible and affordable enough for any organisation. Vyond is the essential tool for creating content that drives positive business outcomes.

Start transforming generic content into dynamic results in minutes.

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Produce media
like a pro.

The best form of communication is telling a compelling story. And with Vyond, you can tell these stories beautifully and visually through video. Instead of stale, static text, you can now communicate like a pro, without the pro budget.

What are the features?

Grab Attention
With Video

Make your content unforgettable. Video is an impressive catalyst for engagement in training and e-learning. Studies have shown that adding video to your content can improve the ability to remember concepts and details, with effects that even increase over time.

Enhance Your
Existing Content

Everything goes better with video. Use Vyond as part of a blended learning approach to supplement your existing material. With Vyond, it’s easy to spice up what you’ve got and ensure that your audience are captivated, engaged and most importantly – learning.

Captivate Your

Storytelling is the most effective form of communication. Instead of talking at your learners, allow them to see the world through the eyes of accessible characters. Use dialogue, lip-sync, and realistic movements to speed learners’ immersion in the content.

Customise Your

Your video should reflect the creativity and standard of your company. Thousands of colours, characters, and movements make your content unique to every situation. Tailor your video to fit your company culture and import music and sound effects to add emphasis.

Improve Learning

Your audience prefers video. Employees today are tired of static content like slide decks and PDFs. Improve your communication with video and make training something that doesn’t only surprise and delight but is effective, creative and impactful.

Better Company-Wide

Work as a team and improve your company-wide communication and culture through video. Get started in minutes and cut through the clutter to get your message across with engaging content that can be implemented into your daily tasks.

Vyond Training

TTRO also offers Vyond training, delivered by our experts. This facilitated session helps you understand the fundamentals of the software, and get you on your way to building awesome content.

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