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With the ever-shifting learning landscape, TTRO is always striving to push boundaries with innovative software, instructional design approaches and fresh designs. We understand that not all learners and organisations are the same, which is why TTRO offers a wide diverse range of digital learning platforms that bring you the best solution for your people. Our various learner platform solutions are matched to fulfil your business objectives and training needs, which brings high-impact results to your organisation and learners.

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Myriad X.O

Myriad X.0 is a holistic learning ecosystem that develops skills for employment. The focus is on learner-centricity and creating an ecosystem where learners thrive, boost their skill sets and impact on organisational growth and success.

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TTRO Learning

TTRO Learning is a mature, easy-to-use, optimised and appealing Learning Management System that enables clients to provide digital learning in a quick and hassle-free way through a SaaS subscription.

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Custom Moodle LMS

A fully customised learning management system based off of the MoodleTM open source Learning Management System.

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Moodle App

These days no one goes anywhere without their phone, so being able to learn on the go is a must. We’re here to help with customised MoodleTM mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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Our solutions provide


Multi-device Accessibility

Our digital learning solutions work across different platforms and devices, expanding your content delivery options. Learners can access the relevant content when they need it most in the work-flow, or when it’s best suited for them to focus on learning.


TTRO can seamlessly customise digital learning solutions for specific roles across all industries. These can also be localised efficiently for the region. The benefit of digital learning solutions is that they are easy to update when necessary or critical.

Metrics That Matter

Clearly defining the learning objectives up front is essential for developing effective training and valuable assessment methods for your learners, so you can track the success metrics or identify knowledge gaps and continuously improve on the learning solution.

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Want to know more?
Get in touch with us today!