Meet our Partners


Oracle formally recognizes partners that have invested time and resources in developing significant expertise in specific Oracle products and solutions. They are committed to delivering value to three primary groups: our community of partners, our end customers, and our Oracle internal sales force. OPN offers a number of ways for partners to differentiate themselves in order to be recognized by these three audiences. Visit Intu-it.


Axonify is the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform. It combines an award-winning approach to microlearning, with innovative knowledge-on-demand capabilities and the entire experience is gamified, driving high levels of participation. Combined with individual and team reporting and behavior tracking and measurement, Axonify is designed to meet the modern learning needs of employees and businesses alike. Visit Axonify.


They certainly live up to their name – they’re smart and creative… even with their spelling. Basically, they will accurately diagnose your productivity situations, identify solutions and perform the correct actions to help you maximise efficiency and outcomes. We love them, and we have learnt to never doubt them. Evva! Visit Clevva.

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