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Microlearning and Training Reinforcement

In this mobile era organizations will need to adapt if they want to attract, develop, and retain talent within the tech savvy generation. Microlearning is a targeted approach to learning, where ‘micro’ topics are designed to meet a specific learning outcome. The learner will know exactly what they need to focus on to ensure knowledge is transferred quickly and efficiently with maximum retention impact.



The human mind is like an elastic band when it comes to retaining information, with studies indicating that 90% of what we learn is forgotten within a week. This phenomenon (scientifically known as Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve) is obviously a huge problem for organisations who invest in upskilling their workforce. Countless resources and budget are dedicated to formal training, but what happens after the training is over?


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TTRO has partnered with the best (award-winning) in the business when it comes to microlearning and training reinforcement solutions that are designed to improve retention, change behaviour, provide learner analytics whilst maximising the return on your learning investment.

The fundamental purpose of training in organisations is to empower employees to apply their newly gained knowledge to their work. If the learners are not retaining this knowledge, reaching this goal is impossible. Think of retention as the gap that separates the learning moment from the doing moment. The bridge that closes this gap is the learning or training reinforcement plan. Training reinforcement through microlearning can be used either as a standalone solution, part of a blended solution or as refresher training to ensure maximum learner retention and the required shift in behaviours.

With the option of integrated gamification and reward schemes, this makes for a highly engaging and motivating way.


Benefits of our service


TTRO works with you to help focus your key learning objectives for maximum impact.


Increase learner retention with post training reinforcement maximising your ROI.


Mobilize global teams and upskill quickly and efficiently.


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