Bespoke E-Learning

Bespoke E-Learning

Just because you can fit into spandex, does not mean you must wear spandex! We get that you need a swagger, an individual way of being you, but you also need something that allows you to go where you want, comfortably and appropriately. This is not yoga. It should, however, be disciplined, yet enjoyable and interesting.

We all react differently to different things, and by understanding the responses to diverse media, we can incorporate as many senses as possible in our learning. Since video connects the visual memory, we could, for example, film actors in our studio with our in-house production team or at a specific location.Music and voiceover-driven learning will attach to aural memories (we have a studio for that too), while storytelling unlocks an emotional connection. We could even animate Leafy Seadragons with our animation team (google ’Leafy Seadragons‘ – they’re real and awesome!).

If the correct harmony is designed through the integration of multiple mediums, the user will retain more information, through an engaging experience, with lasting results. The more senses we use, the longer the memory lasts. So that’s double okay by us.

We analyse your company, your clients and your employees and steer them towards its true north. We identify ’niggles‘, and through the alignment of staff with learning, your core principles are aligned and fortified to enhance efficiency. Whether it’s equipping new staff or ’upskilling‘ existing staff, we create your solution so that no matter how difficult your client request is, your answer can be far more than… ’I’m Batman’!

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