Capability Advisory Services

Strategy and Business Alignment

Future-fit capability

We work closely with your leadership team to identify and develop the skills and competencies necessary to thrive in the future, ensuring your workforce remains adaptable and resilient.

Capability strategy

TTRO assists in crafting a holistic capability strategy that aligns with your business goals, ensuring that your workforce development efforts are tied directly to your organization's success.

Digital transformation strategy

Our experts help you navigate the complexities of digital transformation, providing guidance on how to harness technology to drive innovation and competitiveness.

ROI measurement

We offer robust methodologies to measure the return on investment (ROI) of your learning and development initiatives, enabling data-driven decisions and demonstrating the value of your programs.

Measuring learning impact

TTRO helps you implement effective measurement frameworks to gauge the impact of learning interventions, enabling continuous improvement and evidence-based decision-making.

Capability Strategies

Capability Academies

We design and implement customized capability academies, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development within your organization.

Content Strategies

TTRO assists in creating content strategies that ensure relevant, engaging, and up-to-date learning materials are readily available to your workforce.

Learning in the Flow of Work

We help you integrate learning seamlessly into daily work processes, maximizing efficiency and knowledge retention.

Learning Experience

Our advisory services enhance the learner experience by creating engaging, personalized, and accessible learning journeys that drive motivation and knowledge acquisition.

Skills strategies

TTRO collaborates with you to identify critical skills gaps and develop strategies to close them, ensuring your workforce remains equipped for evolving business challenges.

Technology and Infrastructure

Technology Ecosystem Strategy

We assess your current technology landscape and provide guidance on building a cohesive ecosystem that supports your learning and development objectives.

LXP and LMS Requirement Design

TTRO helps you select and configure the right Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and Learning Management System (LMS) to meet your specific needs.

NextGen Learning Technology Advice

Stay at the forefront of learning technology trends with our expert advice on emerging technologies, such as AI, VR, and AR, to enhance your learning initiatives.

Integrated Space Design

We optimize your physical and virtual learning environments, fostering collaboration and engagement through integrated design concepts.


Combining physical and digital experiences, we enable a seamless blend of learning modalities, ensuring your workforce can learn anytime, anywhere, and in any way they prefer.

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