Learning as a Service

Learning as a service is provided as an end-to-end solution that we offer to our clients that encompasses all our professional services.
We provide managed services from analysis, implementation, evaluation and support for a set monthly fee, effectively becoming the learning partner for the clients we serve, supporting them at all the various touch points that they require within their organisation’s learner journey. We are in it for the long run!



Organisational training needs are constant, and learning interventions are needed to keep staff competent and businesses profitable. Most organisations don’t have the internal capacity needed to design, implement and manage multiple training solutions for multiple business units at the same time. That is why you need a dedicated learning partner… TTRO.


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Your Challenges

The challenges we can solve in your organisations are:


LaaS Solutions




TTRO provides a managed service for your organisation that is aligned with your L&D strategy. Our team of learning experts works closely with your stakeholders to ensure that learning solutions are designed to meet your specific business objectives and empower your people. Together we can map out your L&D journey and identify the key deliverables and implementation plans that your organisation requires. We then help develop these deliverables into tangibles with our team of Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers and Developers and continue to support and evaluate post-delivery to ensure its success.

It’s not just a partnership between your organisation and ours, it’s access to the expertise and technology required to achieve development and business goals.

How do we do it?



Interactive Video

Interactive Video

Games and


Animation and
Motion Graphics
Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Benefits of our service

LaaS 1

Operational Expenditure instead of Capital Expenditure.

LaaS 2

Identify knowledge gaps within your organisation and leverage learning to improve profits.

LaaS 3

Takes away the time spent on support and admin, so you can focus on strategy.


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