Learning Content

Digital Learning:
Creative and flexible digital learning solutions that have the power to transform.

With the ever-shifting learning landscape, TTRO is always striving to push boundaries with innovative software, instructional design approaches and fresh design while we curate the best of class digital assets that form the learning experience journey.

Let’s work together to recalibrate your existing traditional training into digital, or create innovative new e-learning programs that leave your learners hungry for more. Let’s collaboratively create impactful digital learning solutions tailored to your specific motivations, timelines, and budget.

Blended Learning:
Curating the best learning experience for your people.

Blended Learning is the combination of traditional learning tools and content with modern methodologies. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming with the number of different delivery methods, content types and learning technologies to choose from when putting together a blended approach.

At TTRO we know that content is king, and getting the perfect formula together for your specific learners is what we do best. Our learning specialists and learning technologists collaborate to create a seamless delivery mechanism of all the learning activities and content that have been carefully curated for maximum impact, engagement and success metrics.

Experience the might of bite-sized learning.

Our microlearning service offers a dynamic and efficient way for learners to master new skills in bite-sized, engaging modules. With easily digestible content, users can access quick lessons on-the-go, making learning seamlessly fit into their busy lives.

Each module is carefully crafted to maximize retention and understanding, ensuring that knowledge is retained for the long term. Experience unprecedented flexibility and productivity as learners acquire knowledge at their pace. Transform your workforce with our revolutionary microlearning approach and stay ahead in the fast-paced digital world!

Video and Animation:
Bringing content to life.

When it comes to content, we know that video rules supreme and that is why it is a core part of our digital learning asset toolkit. Video content brings the narrative to life, gives critical context and evokes emotion, creating an authentic, multi-sensorial experience for your learner.

Organisations also often require quick turnaround in staff upskilling, and video is an effective way to demonstrate comprehensive processes, product training, case studies, mechanical procedures and post-learning reinforcement.

Immersive Learning:
Elevating learning experiences to the next level.

Open up new experiential dimensions for your learners. These immersive new content delivery channels allow learners to explore in a safe environment, develop empathy, practice without fear of failing or access critical information in real-time.

TTRO ensures this by identifying the right conditions and scenarios for optimal learning so that the inclusion of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality does not become gimmicky and delivers a multi-sensory learning experience.

Gamification and Games:
Adding a bit of competition to the mix.


Gamification is not a full-blown game but the practice of adding techniques, tactics and mechanics that are used within games to digital learning; adding element such as progression meters, badges, points and leader boards. The purpose of gamifying an e-learning program is to encourage learners to engage in desired learning behaviour by taking advantage of the human psychological predisposition towards gaming.


When considering applied games as the learning solution, we base the decision on your organizational objectives (pedagogical and learning), the content that your department believes needs to be gamified, and understanding your target learners. Game-based learning involves the use of traditional board games, web-based, or app games specifically aimed at producing learning outcomes.

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