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TTRO understands the nature of organisations and their common training needs. TTRO has connected the dots and is tactically developing a practical and engaging library of essential digital training awareness programmes, and are resellers of industry leading off-the shelf learning solutions that are available to access 24/7 to bolster your workforce.


We proudly present TTRO ‘Learning on Demand’!

Learning on Demand

TTRO ‘Learning on Demand’ is the first of its kind, taking a “made in Africa” approach to the generic content marketplace that provides quality, localised, educational content on demand for corporates, the public sector and individuals.

With the ever-changing parameters of the workplace, our mission is to provide an easily accessible platform, where learners can take the initiative to become skilled digital citizens and develop the competencies to compete at both a local and global level. The TTRO ‘Learning on Demand’ content marketplace is curated to provide learners with relevant learning solutions, ranging from simple awareness courses to full business and soft-skill libraries.



Does your organisation need quick upskilling on topics such and compliance and legislation, that not only ticks off the auditing checks, but keeps learner engaged with our interactive digital training solutions? With the constant changes in legislation we make it a pain-free process by keeping our courses constantly updated, so your workforce are fully compliant. We also understand that you need quick to deploy solutions, that identify certain gaps in your organisation, so we have sourced the savviest, most comprehensive off-the-shelf content libraries we could find!


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With TTRO ‘Learning on Demand’, we look at solving two different problems. Firstly, we have identified core training programmes across different sectors that most organisations need from a compliance and a competency perspective and have developed them so you don’t have to! Secondly, TTRO has partnered with industry leading off-the-shelf vendors to bring you the best comprehensive cyber-security, business and soft skills suites that are quick to deploy and will add immense value to your workforce.


Benefits of our service


Cost-effective solution that is scalable across your departments.


Measurable data you can use for WSP or SDP’s auditing.


Upskill your workforce with necessary competencies and legislation


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