Strategic L&D Outsourcing

Let us support you along the Learning Development Value Chain.

With TTRO’s multi-disciplined and experienced team, we can help relieve the pains of scaling your L&D capabilities, by outsourcing all components of the L&D value chain to our expert learning, design and technology professionals.

We will help you scale your team, increase your learning output against identified learning strategies, reducing the financial and time investment needed and to deliver against your internal KPIs, with our fully managed service.


Our specialised team understands the ins and outs of the learning ecosystem, so we have the right subject matter experts to assist at any point of the learning value chain.


We are agile and flexible and are able to scale where and when there are capacity and delivery demands.

End-to-end Management

We take the reigns, so that your people are freed up to focus on other important tasks whilst we deliver quality solutions.


Avoid labour related investments incl. the costs, time and administration of recruitment, operational expenses, acquiring infrastructure and managing a large team.

What value do we bring
to our outsource clients?

  • In developing our own workforce:
    TTRO recruits graduates with design, ITC and related disciplines to develop our own cadre of digital skills specialists in alignment with the National Development plan.
  • In building strategic partnerships with clients and key stakeholders in every region that we operate in.
  • 12 years experience in skills development, capability building, learning experience architecture, digital learning design and development, content creation and project management skills.
  • Developed local and global learning programs of all complexities and scales.
  • Experience across all private sectors, government and academic institutions.
  • The best authoring tools and learning platforms.
  • Access to a world-class multi-disciplined team that will help guide and shape learning strategies, design and develop learning experiences overseen by end-to-end project management.
  • Innovation and thought leadership in the digital learning space.
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence through our PMO service to help maximise performance and support decision making.
  • Expertise in future skills capacity building, and skills transfer initiatives.

Our skills and roles

Learning Experience Designers
Augmented Reality Developers
Reality Developers
Solution Architects
3D Animator
Project Managers
Sound Engineer
Product Coordinators
Creative Director
Camera Operators
Script Writers
Product Manager
Front-end Developers
E-learning Designers
Graphic Designers and Illustrators
Supported by Learning Solutions Architects and Account Managers ensuring optimal delivery and customer service.
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