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Skills Development Solutions

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The world is experiencing exponential and rapid change. TTRO develop and deliver human capability solutions to better equip citizens, communities, companies and countries to be ready to fully embrace this change.

We offer innovative skills development solutions targeting youth development & employability and occupational competence, irrespective of region and economic sector. We follow a collaborative approach partnering with our clients to develop bespoke skills development interventions and we offer advisory services for strategic planning to assist our clients in building future skilled resources.

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Organisation and Culture

TTRO is recognised as an innovation and thought leader on digital learning programs for critical and scarce skills. We have developed local and global learning programmes of all complexities and scales. Our blended learning programmes are remarkable examples on how effective formal and informal learning, knowledge sharing, or collaboration can work, maximising the use of enabling technologies.

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TTRO’s objective is to combine immersive technologies and learning methodologies to foster competencies in today’s society. We successfully deliver our skills development programme in either a blended approach or in a fully virtual environment.

Our Service Offering

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Strategic skills planning, compliance with regulatory requirements and development of future skilled resources.

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Our team of experts are continuously looking at new methodologies and cutting-edge technology to enhance our solutions. Our core mission is to bring excitement to our number one customer: your learners! We are able to deliver our skills development solutions within a completely virtual eco system.

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Learner Support

We deploy a structured Learner Support Programme to enable maximised learning experience and management of socio-economic challenges that might impact the learning process.

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Learner Support

Following a collaborative approach, TTRO can swiftly design and deploy a solution in line with our clients’ skills needs. We tailor solutions to different occupational groups, skills levels and job roles including youth development and employability programmes. We are skilled in designing learning programmes globally and if required in alignment with the relevant National Qualification Framework (NQF) competency and quality assurance standards.

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We offer experiential learning programmes incl. employability and graduate development, internships and learnerships supported by subject matter expert coaching, facilitation, assessment and moderation

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Monitoring and Evaluation

We designed a customisable M&E process to monitor and track learner performance and overall learning programme implementation. We typically collect evidence and analyse data to make recommendations for overall programme improvement, highlight best practice and record success stories. We work closely with our clients to determine desired outcomes, success indicators and metrics/standards.

Human capacity development and upskilling initiatives
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