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Improved knowledge retention through reinforced micro-learning.

Surge9 is an adaptive micro-learning platform. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to track the retention rate of each employee and to assemble personalised retrieval practices on-the-fly that improve each individual’s long-term mastery, making it the perfect holistic micro-learning solution for your organisation.

We use the variety of micro-learning content formats, such as flash cards, daily practices, micro-courses, and the wide range of question types, to build sophisticated learning programs. We utilise the comprehensive coaching, training reinforcement, and gamification features to engage your learners and drive real business results.

Surge9 is perfect for sales and product knowledge training, leadership skills development, safety and compliance, new hire onboarding, soft skills training, and any other kind of learning that can be delivered on the run.


Managers gain actionable insights into learners’ engagement levels, activity patterns and retention rates.

Individualised Learning Journeys

Personalised learning paths based on each learner’s prior knowledge and gaps. Pivot, build and sustain a Future Proof L&D organisation that delivers learning directly to the consumer, wherever and whenever it happens.

Re-inforced Learning

Extensive empirical research conducted by leading cognitive psychologists in the field of learning memory and retention.


The interface elements can all be customised in alignment with your corporate identity, making it an essential part of your brand toolkit.

What does Surge9 have to offer you?

Training Reinforcement Based on Cognitive Science

From the moment your learners leave the classroom, or log off your LMS, the information they have learned starts to seep away. In response, some companies refresh their knowledge a few months later with another classroom course, which doubles their cost, or, more often, they remain unaware of the problem and do nothing.

Arrest the process of forgetting and protect the return on your training investment with Surge9’s training reinforcement features. Use retention quizzes, spaced retrieval practices, delayed feedback, and other research-based techniques, all delivered through Surge9’s mobile app.

Adaptive Artificial Intelligence Engine

Surge9 is an adaptive microlearning platform. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to track the retention rate of each employee and to assemble personalized retrieval practices on-the-fly that improve each individual’s long-term mastery.

This means each individual receives high-impact learning activities customized to close their unique competency gaps. No two learners ever receive the same program. Surge9’s AI engine curates personalized tips and learning resources for each employee as they strive to master the competencies they need.


Native Mobile Software Architecture

Microlearning, training reinforcement and gamification are mobile by their very nature. They depend on filling the many micro-moments that open and close throughout each employee’s workday with meaningful learning. But micro-moments appear unpredictably — in the coffee shop, at lunch, or on the bus ride home — at times when you are away from your desktop or your laptop is tucked away.

The Surge9 App is a 100% native mobile app. Native apps are written directly in the language of each mobile operating system, instead of using web technologies or helper tools. And they can do things non-native apps just can’t.

Surge9 corrals mobile touch gestures, push notifications, offline usage mode, and other features your device, and designs them into every learning engagement. And it gives your employees a super-fast mobile experience.

World-Class Analytics

Use Surge9’s AI-powered business intelligence (BI) capabilities to measure and optimize your microlearning and training reinforcement programs. Let Surge9’s virtual analyst identify actionable business insights from your microlearning data. Use natural language and speech-based queries to extract hard-to-find data.

Surge9 can accept data feeds from your customer relationship management (CRM) and corporate performance management systems to highlight the correlation between learning and employee performance.


Simple Content Authoring

Convert your existing course material to effective, mobile microlearning formats, including practices, quizzes, flashcards and learning games using Surge9 Composer, our easy-to-use authoring tool, or ask one of microlearning experts to create an impactful microlearning program that captivates your learners.


Meaningful Gamification

Low learner engagement plagues web-based training. Employees usually click through web-based courses because they have to, not because they want to. And using external rewards, such as giving out prizes to boost participation, has been scientifically proven to destroy our natural motivation.

Surge9’s meaningful gamification features employ intrinsic motivators to harness each learner’s inner drive to improve their own knowledge, skills, and overall performance.


Find out how we can transform your workforce through reinforced micro-learning!