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Digital Designer

The Digital Designer

We asked some of our cool Digital Designers to share their insights and answer some questions on their role and the best ways to get into this exciting career.

What is a Digital Designer?

A Digital Designer creates and breathes life into a learning content by making it both engaging and eye catching through various graphic design approaches, all while ensuring it supports the delivery of the key learning messages and outcomes.

What does a Digital Designer at TTRO do?

As a Digital Designer at TTRO, you design and implement the structure of digital courses using e-learning tools, such as Articulate Storyline and Rise. You take the blueprint/storyboard for the course and work your creative magic to design and build the content and supporting assets. Your duties and responsibilities are to make the lessons visually appealing and engaging while effectively conveying the information to learners.

To become a Digital Designer, you need a mix of technical and design skills. You should have strong graphic design capability, a history with user experience design, and a familiarity with numerous design tools, such as the Adobe Creative Suite. You need to have good verbal and written communication skills and the ability to work independently or with a team. Creative innovation is the name of the game!

Why become a Digital Designer?

  • To save the world from boring text-driven learning by being the creative geniuses we are destined to be.

  • Like an unsung superhero knowing our great work will help someone either learn something to make them better at their job or save their life by learning valuable safety processes at a hazardous workplace.

  • Utilising design as a tool for learning… the design actually plays an integral part!

Is being a Digital Designer right for you?

For us, designing with purpose is more meaningful than designing for aesthetics. You create unique, impactful learning solutions for your audiences through out-of-the-box creative thinking.

We are always pushing design boundaries and never accepting the impossible because it always seems impossible until it’s done.

What are Hiring Managers looking For?

Technical skills:

  • Good experience in the Adobe suite, i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
  • Knowledge authoring tools, i.e. Articulate.
  • Good understanding of design principles.
  • Experience in creating learning materials.
  • Adequate understanding of learning and development.
  • Conceptual strategy.
  • Understanding of UI/UX principles.
  • Understanding of branding.

Soft skills:

  • Communication skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Problem Solving.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Time management.
  • Ability to work under pressure.

How do I become a Digital Designer?

  • A diploma in graphic design.

  • Intermediate knowledge of the Adobe suite.
  • Proficient in SCORM compliant e-learning authoring tools and other media tools.
  • Experience with incorporating multiple media elements in to learning programmes including audio, video, animation, simulation, and graphics.
  • Visual and graphic design skills.
  • Strong analytical skills, problem-solving and fact-based decision-making abilities.
  • Understanding the core design principals.

In terms of tools, it would be good to have knowledge of the following:

  • Articulate Storyline 360.
  • Articulate Rise 360.
  • LMS: Moodle.
  • Adobe Creative Suite.

What do you need in your portfolio?

  • Examples of projects (short descriptions along with what your role was on the project). Only your finest work that will impress. An online portfolio is highly recommended,
  • Short personal recommendations written by previous managers/supervisors including a bit about your skillset, your areas of interest, and a little about what it’s like to work with you.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a certificate or master’s degree?

Diploma in Graphic Design, Multimedia, UX/UI or other design related courses.

How can you get a Digital Design job with no experience?

You can start as an intern after your studies. This job really requires you to operate at a high level of thinking. There are no small tasks, so as an intern, the expectation will still be high. But we think the best way to learn is by doing.

Is Digital Design a good career?

It is an excellent career. It gives you a high level of job satisfaction. You can be as creative as possible and bring in ideas from all other areas of life into learning solutions.

What makes someone a great Digital Designer?

Someone who has a combination of analytical and creative thinking skills. A person who loves design and learning.

What’s are the best tools to learn for a Digital Designer?

Adobe suite..hands down the most important.

Is it hard to become a Digital Designer?

It takes about 2 years to start feeling comfortable in the role. There is a lot to learn and master. Design is constantly changing, so being agile is important.

What is the best part about your role?

Collaborating with the team to create amazing products for people to enjoy and learn in the process.


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