Our production team is a group of interesting, wonderful, and completely crazy people. They’re the kind of people you send out into the wilderness with a pocket knife and an ironing board, and they build you a shopping mall. They can normally be seen on set in the strangest parts of the planet wearing hats that can only be found in old oil paintings from the Baroque period. Apparently it’s for the sun.

We have our own green screen studio where we film presenters talking to the camera, actors living out scenes, and basically, anything you could possibly dream up. With a green screen studio you can create any environment you could imagine, making lunch on the moon a mere post production edit away.  Our editors carefully craft the final cut to ingrain the look and feel that captures the target audience and draws them to the learning as vividly as possible.

The team operates with a wide range of cameras, lighting equipment and film gear, and several different editing software suites used globally in the motion picture industry. We hire internationally recognised actors of the highest calibre, dress them in fine, appropriate fabric, paint their faces, and allow them to create that “je ne sais quoi” that the French apparently can’t describe.  We take intricate care to add the best Foley’s (these are added sound effects that enhance audio quality), and compliment the piece with music that best captures the emotions of each scene. We shoot everything from marketing videos to events, and deliver in all formats allowing for seamless accessibility on your phone, tablet or computer.

It’s all very colourful and extraordinarily fun, which in turn, allows the viewer to connect and relate to the content which increases the retention of information. Lights, Camera, Learn!

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