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Bringing content to life.

When it comes to content, we know that video rules supreme and that is why it is a core part of our digital learning asset toolkit. Video content brings the narrative to life, gives critical context and evokes emotion, creating an authentic, multi-sensorial experience for your learner.

Organisations also often require quick turnaround in staff upskilling, and video is an effective way to demonstrate comprehensive processes, product training, case studies, mechanical procedures and post-learning reinforcement.

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Easily Present a Large
Amount of Info

Video is a great way to condense large amounts of content and make it easier for people to understand and can be used to demonstrate procedures that can assist in mastery learning

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the Complex

Virtually any idea or concept can be explained in a visually engaging way using animated video.

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Demonstrate 'How-to' and
'How-not-to' Effectively

Learners can also navigate their own path through interactive videos showing them the results of their actions in a “how to” and “how not to” approach.

How We Achieve Success

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Scripting & Design

Our Learning Experience Designers collaborate with you and your Subject Matter Experts to script and create the appropriate narrative or process information flow to get core learning points across to your audience.


Dedicated Resources

TTRO’s team of Learning Experience Designers, Illustrators, Animators, Production, Developers, Audio Engineers and Project Management design and deliver top quality content and ensure a seamless delivery on your program.

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Our team uses the best of industry software to develop engaging video and animations and can offer you products that can help create your own explainer animations.  Learn more »

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Techniques and Formats

At TTRO we are always pushing the envelope and continuously look at new video production software, formats and design styles to ensure we meet the expectations of your audience.

Our Media Asset Toolkit

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2D Animations
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Motion Graphics
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3D Animations
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Interactive Videos
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Role Plays
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On Location Shoots
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Interactive Animations

Let our media experts assist in bringing content
to life through video, audio and animation!